My dear cousin was visiting me on Boca Grande this year and brought me two of the most amazing hostess gifts. One being a bottle of Kettle One and the other an interesting large bobby pin that she assured me would change my life . She, indeed was correct. In a matter is seconds, she instructed me on its use and my long brown hair was instantly transformed into a "run way " worthy FRENCH TWIST. ONE PIN, NO HAIRSPRAY AND NO MIRRORS NEEDED. That night I went to dinner at the beautiful Gasparilla Inn with a very distinguished gentleman and was stopped not once, but twice for questions on who was my hair stylist on the island, that they wanted his or her name immediately. I responded that I styled my own hair. They could not believe it, so I removed the hair pin, showed it to the "Non believers' and put my hair back in place in a matter of seconds watching their amazement. I was smiling brightly over my compliments and proceeded to the dining room for dinner.

After dinner, drinks followed in the lounge and I decided to let my 'Hair down"… The beautiful soft, gentle curve to my hair was incredible. Two hair styles on one night!!! Not bad.

Days past and my love grew for my new magical pin grew. Tragedy struck however, as a house guest either took my pin or it was accidentally discarded by my house keeper.

I have been to every Sephora, beauty supply house, and internet looking for this "secret weapon" of beauty.

Please save me from this miserable and most unfortunate tragedy of life and send me a handful of pins!!!

I may wish to add that I am an avid fisher woman and United States Coast Guard Captain. The pin holds my hair perfectly during the wind and the rain!!! It also keeps my hair from blowing and becoming damaged from tangles and unnecessary bruising.

Sending out my SOS for the "PINTWIST"

Capt. Caroline Rather Clark

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