Kelly Olver

Miss Tara. Well, well well. I am so skeptical and jaded as I have seen everything And everyone tells me their product is so wonderful and fabulous. I am most always disappointed. So, I am a tough critic and it takes quite a lot to impress me. I LOVE YOUR PINTWIST! YOU HAVE A GREAT PRODUCT. IT ACTUALLY WORKS. I have long hair and NOTHING holds it. If it does, it damages my hair! And the quality is unbelievable. It is so well made. Flexible enough to actually open up and insert into your hair; STRONG and STURDY enough to hold even the heaviest of hair. THANK YOU THAN YOU THANK YOU! You have a winner. You will be inundated in Chicago. Kelly

Rita Ragone

As a Celebrity Beauty Expert, Pintwist is my most favorite functional hair accessory of the year! It creates a sexy updo while in your hair and super sexy waves when you let your hair down...Its the gift that keeps on giving. I'm guilty of having a Pintwist in my handbag, bathroom, office, and makeup kit! I can't live without it and neither can my clients.

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